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Khaled Alshaheen

Mechanical engineer, Product designer and Author.



Who  ?


Khaled Alshaheen, a mechanical engineer and forward-thinking innovator, brings over two decades of expertise to the realm of creating products and spearheading engineering and investment projects in the UK, Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, collaborating with a diverse range of global clients and partners. On a personal note, he also showcases his creativity as the author of the graphic novel "No Ally but the Mountains."

Offering ?

Product designing, Engineering consultants and projects managements. 

Why ?

In a world marked by challenges and suffering, my life's mission is to alleviate hardships by crafting practical solutions. I am dedicated to problem-solving, embracing new technologies, and fostering global collaborations to exchange knowledge and create a more comfortable existence for all.



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Product designing 

Owner & founder of 

Industrial project managements

Owner & founder of manufacturing business

Engineering consultant services 

Engineering & Mechanical 


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